Boysetsfire - The Day the Sun Went Out (Cover Artwork)


The Day the Sun Went Out (1997)


This has to be my favorite material released by Newark, Delawares' Boy sets Fire. I had picked up on lots of things about them through word of mouth, and not long after I seen in a local fanzine an ad for their brand new album entitled The Day The Sun Went Out. So after searching 3 months for this (at the time) hard to find album, I finally got my grubby little hands on it.

After finally getting through the cellophane barrier that was around the CD, I put it in my stereo and boy was I blown away! All I had to hear were the first 30 seconds of the opening track "Pure" and I was hooked. The 2nd song "Cringe" was equally as hard and also portrayed what they are very passionate about (as does every song). The 3rd track slows it down a bit with "The Fine Art Of Falling." Actually this CD is less hardcore than 2000's After The Eulogy, but believe me that's not a bad thing at all. This album captures how complex and diverse this band really is.

I believe this surpasses anything Boy Sets Fire has ever done and shows how musically talented they can be. The band has always carried their strong political beliefs and issues and causes they care about. Being involved with organizations such as, Food Not Bombs, AK Press, the US Communist Party, and many many others.

Although this is not the release the band is widely known for, the words that come to mind when I think of this release are: Passionate, heartfelt, angry, and many other emotions that only a few bands can fit on to one album. If you like After The Eulogy and haven't heard any other BSF check this album out, also take a close listen to the song, "Swingset" it's very mellow, very beautiful song; definitely one of my top 5 favorite hardcore bands of all time.