Glory Of This - Adoration (Cover Artwork)

Glory Of This

Adoration (2004)


I don't really like to be bored. Does anyone? It's worse when the majority of a once tolerable genre begins to put everyone to sleep. While Pensacola, Florida's own Glory Of This haven't exactly created an abomination of an album, Adoration will no doubt feel about three hours in length to almost anyone that listens to it.

An immediate comparison I can make is to No Wings To Speak Of-era Hopesfall. The riffs that make up Adoration are more melodic than standard metalcore fair, but are also much less interesting than the typical metalcore band, plodding along at a medium pace for almost the entire duration of the album. You've got a double-bass drum part here, a weak breakdown there, and alternating scream-sing vocals to boot. Doesn't sound too interesting, correct? Indeed. Granted, some of the music is all right to listen to, but each song feels about ten minutes long, for they lack any sense of catchiness. Sometimes, the band gets so lame and melodic that they sound like the bastard child of Underoath and Taking Back Sunday; see track five, "Fragile House Of Cards," for the biggest offender of this - it's downright cringeworthy.

The most ironic part is that the first track to be found here, "The Fear That Gave Me Wings," is actually a pretty stellar hardcore song, with some machine-gun riffing and a curiously strong, melodic chorus. If the band could hold up the momentum found in the kickoff track for the entire album, we wouldn't have a problem. Instead, we are treated to such trash like "Flip For It," with its excessively bad sung parts, and "Loose Lips Sink Ships," which features some awkward screaming, which is, unlike the rest, found here. It's much more sludge metal-sounding, which doesn't fit well with the melodic nature of the music.

This is a very juvenile release from Glory Of This. It is almost blatantly obvious that they are following trends found in modern hardcore music, making this release nearly painful to listen to. I suggest that this band go back to the drawing board and try a new approach to making music. They're young enough, so it would be in their best interest. I highly doubt that many of you would like this. Indianola has released some quality albums in the past, but Adoration is not one of them. Avoid this.

Standout Tracks:
"The Fear That Gave Me Wings"

Click here to listen to "Flip For It," "Senior Superlative," and "More Often Than Not."