DFL - Proud To Be (Cover Artwork)


Proud To Be (1995)


In the mid-nineties, when punk was making a comeback, only two bands really did it right, and Dead Fucking Last (D.F.L.) was one of them. They had it all: the abrasive name, the attitude, the short and fast songs, and lyrics that were direct and to the point.

Proud to Be is 19 songs in roughly 22 minutes, plus a slower more "experimental" 7-minute song at the end. This album was produced Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys (he also played bass on D.F.L.'s first album), and some of the songs are very reminiscent of the very, very early Beastie punk songs. For the most part, they are simple songs with catchy lyrics that beg to be played louder and louder. The guitars are distorted, the bass is powerful, the drums hit hard and fast, and the vocals are loud and barked (but still audible). Some of the standout tracks are "Proud to be DFL," "Lost Cause," "Mr. Popular," and "Iome is Where The Heart Is."

Dead Fucking Last is punk. I think all of the D.F.L. CDs may be out of print, so if you see this or their other two albums (My Crazy Life and Grateful) used, pick 'em up. It will be the best purchase you've made all year.

P.S. The other band that did punk right in the nineties was F.Y.P.