Sum 41 - Sake Bombs And Happy Endings DVD (Cover Artwork)

Sum 41

Sake Bombs And Happy Endings 📀 (2003)


This is actually Sum 41's 2nd DVD release. So in the short time that this band have had major success, they have had 2 DVDs out (excluding the double pack and unofficial ones). So what's so different from the last DVD then?

Well, for a start, Introduction To Destruction was largely based on All Killer No Filler whereas Sake Bombs... is mostly based on the songs from Does This Look Infected? (see track list at the bottom). I was largely disappointed to discover that "Machine Gun" and "Grab The Devil" are the only songs from the older days, but nevertheless I was still quite impressed with the tracks featured.

Anyone who has seen or heard Sum 41 live will know that Deryck Whibley is no Pavarotti (slightly plump Italian opera singer) when it comes to singing live. This is true for the first few songs, but by the 5th song he seems to have sorted his voice out.

They do put on quite a good performance and add something new to the songs. The solos and drums are excellent throughout. Recording quality is top notch and sound is also available in 5.1 Surround. It would be impossible to choose my favourite track because even my least favourite songs are made more enjoyable than usual.

I would say that this is a good purchase for anyone who is a really big fan (i.e. owning more than one album), but don't be disappointed with the lack of older songs. Another thing: the crowd are annoying as hell with their one finger gestures or their Sum 41 salute, but if you ignore them, the whole experience is improved.

Track listing:

  1. Mr. Amsterdam
  2. Direction
  3. Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condroid
  4. Fat Lip
  5. All Messed Up
  6. All She's Got
  7. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
  8. In Too Deep
  9. Machine Gun
  10. No Brains
  11. Heart Attack
  12. Nothing On My Back
  13. A.N.I.C.
  14. The Hell Song
  15. Thanks For Nothing
  16. Grab The Devil...
  17. Still Waiting
  18. Hooch
  19. Motivation
  20. Pain For Pleasure