Roses Are Red - Conversations (Cover Artwork)

Roses Are Red

Conversations (2004)


I could just say that Roses are Red sound a hell of lot like Story Of The Year and a plethora of other bands that have rode in on the coattails of emo's success, but Roses Are Red do such an incredible job of dabbling in just about every emo cliché that I think they deserve recognition of their feat.

First off, there is their name. Roses Are Red sounds like it came direct from one of those internet band name generators. It screams "emo" more than high school poetry written by a guy who has to push his dyed black hair out of his eyes so he can cry on his women's jeans.

Next up is the music, which carries that ever-redundant "emo" tone. You know, guitars that are deceptively heavy, but in reality extremely polished, parts based in minor keys for that "sad" tone, breakdowns with stops just long enough to allow the guitarist to swing his instrument around behind his back, and numerous crash cymbal-based drum parts to emphasize just how "passionate" the band is. It doesn't get any better when it comes to the vocals, though.

Roses Are Red take the emo staple of whiny, nasally vocals to a new level of annoyance and then throw in some random screams that seem completely out of place. Sometimes they can find a melody (which is why this gets a 2 and not a 1) but even then it seems like something New Found Glory would have done five years ago. The lyrical content, if you didn't already guess, never strays too far from tales of boy loses girl, with such forgettable lines as "Don't say you're sorry / I've heard it far too many times / We play these stupid games from a million miles away."

But let's be rational here; Roses Are Red deserve congratulations on all of their hard work. They've incorporated every emo cliché into such a perfect combination that I can't even distinguish them from a hundred other bands.

In case my sarcasm wasn't clear enough, then let me say this…please do not even listen to this album for shits and giggles. I've seriously heard better music on Casio keyboard demos.