Choking Victim - Crack Rock Steady Demo (Cover Artwork)

Choking Victim

Crack Rock Steady Demo (2000)

Tent City

First of all, the Crack Rock Steady demo by Choking Victim has a terrible sound, it sounds like a home made recording, I bet it is.

In my personal opinion this is a great release, it has a really shitty sound but shows the class in Choking Victim's musical and intellectual talent, awesome lyrics and impressive bass lines by sasha.

This is the perfect release for a real Choking Victim fan, it's have a very rotten sound but it shows what Choking Victim really is, too bad this band no longer exists.

My favorite song from the demo is "500 channels", great choruses (I'm a chorus fan).

If you wanna hear the real Choking Victim you should definitely get the album [No Gods / No Managers] (one of the best albums I've ever heard) but if you have already heard the album and need to expand it this perfect for you.