Rise Against / Closet Monster - live in Toronto (Cover Artwork)

Rise Against / Closet Monster

live in Toronto (2005)

live show

What do you get when you put 3000 screaming kids in a concert hall that is in no way intended to hold 3000 people? Total Chaos.

I had been looking forward to seeing Closet Monster and Rise Against play together for quite some time, so when I heard this was the biggest show that Rise Against had ever played, my expectations were sky high. And in no way did they disappoint.

For whatever reason I thought I could walk from Union Station to the docks on an incredibly windy night. It was a stupid decision and I missed the first band that played - the Fullblast, and half of the Bombs Over Providence Set. I hadn't heard much from these guys but they impressed me with their energy and flawless delivery.

Hostage Life stepped up to the stage next and played a good set, although I'm not familiar with any of there music at all; in fact, I had never heard them before.

Next up was Closet monster; they left me speechless as they always do. They opened with a song off their new EP I don't recall the name of, but it got the crowd riled up if they weren't already. Then they played "The Empire Strikes Iraq," which I wasn't expecting because it's an acoustic song on the CD. They jazzed it up a little bit and it sounded good, better than the acoustic version in my opinion. Then they played some older material, which was awesome. They played "Shitting In The Face Of This Western Disgrace" which everyone thoroughly enjoyed and last but not least, "Mamma Anti-Facisto (Never Surrender)." I will remember that song for years, as they had the guys from Hostage Life and a bunch of other people up on stage screaming the lyrics with them; that song is the best sing along song they have ever made and it made for a truly memorable moment.

Then came the moment I, and most of the other 3000 people had been waiting for. The crowd was so stoked that people were moshing 15 mintues before they struck the first note to "To Them These Streets Belong." I felt that song was fitting considering I had taken part in a protest earlier that day, and in my opinion it's the best song off Siren Song Of The Counter Culture. This was my sixth time seeing Rise Against and it was by far the most insane crowd I have ever seen. When Tim said it was the biggest show they had ever played, you kind of got the sense this was going to be a special night, kind of like the pinnacle of Rise Against to this point. It was truly something incredible to be a part of. They played "Heaven Knows," "Voices Off Camera," "Like The Angel," Anywhere But Here," "Paper Wings," "Alive And Well," "Blood, Red, White, And Blue," and "Black Masks And Gasoline" in no particular order, as well as many others I can't remember. My favorite song of the night was "1000 Good Intentions." The energy was unprecedented; in 6 times seeing them I have never seen Tim put that much energy into one song. That's saying something, because the energy at a Rise Against show is always top notch.

They played an encore of four songs: "Swing Life Away," "Life Less Frightening," "Give It All," and one other I cant remember. This was the best show I have seen since Rise Against played at the Zen Lounge a couple years ago, and it was definitely the most energetic show I have ever seen. I feel privileged to have been a part of this show and I think every one of the 3000 people there would say the same.