North Lincoln - Truth Is A Menace (Cover Artwork)

North Lincoln

Truth Is A Menace (2004)

No Idea

Turth Is A Menace is a diary of disillusionment and the confusion caused by society. Truth... is North Lincoln at their best; melodic, gritty, beer-induced punk rock with insightful and compelling lyrics. Those of you already familiar with the band may recognize some of the songs on Truth..., but I assure you that, despite the inclusion of some older songs, this record seems fresh and invigorating. The recording quality complements both the band's sound and ethics, thanks to the recording talents of Rob McGregor (Against Me!, Grabass Charlestons, Army of Ponch).

What really sets North Lincoln apart is their aproach to music. Their songs are characterized by unconventional instrumentation and playing. Brian Beckwith's bass lines sound original and complex, Kevin Nunn's guitar parts sound both fresh and classic at the same time, and drummer John Massel's style is original and nearly mind-blowing. Massel, who is self-taught on the kit, is one of the best drummers i have ever heard in my life (and i've heard a lot). Their material draws on the sound of bands like Samiam, Jawbreaker, Fifteen and the Smiths, adding their own touch to make a sound bordering on cliché sound new again.

The album itself is a collection of songs spanning the past few years of North Lincoln's existence. Some are new songs, some are fan favorites, but rest assured that they all fuckin' rock! An interesting inclusion is NL's reworking of the obscure Smiths song, "Jeane," featuring guest vocals by Samantha Jones of Bitchin'/Rumbleseat. Other standouts include "Apology," "Who's Counting Anyway," "Four Walls Don't Make A Home," "Saint Rouge Red" (featuring Replay Dave from Grabass) and the closer "A Message Lost In A Sing-A-Long" (with Ryan Murphy of True North trading lyrics with Nunn).

Truth Is A Menace is a beer-filled, singalong instant classic!