Through The Discipline - Art Of Survival (Cover Artwork)
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Through The Discipline

Art Of Survival (2004)


The words "a unique form of metal," as dubbed by Revolver magazine, may serve as more of an oxymoron than an actual description of a band. However, New York's Through The Discipline really attempts putting the metal back in metalcore with their debut release of Art Of Survival on Jailhouse Records. By playing with bands ranging from the Black Dahlia Murder to the Misfits to Sworn Enemy, Through The Discipline have been able to reach a wide variety of metal and hardcore fans.

Beginning a metal album with the sounds of a fiery thunderstorm may seem pretty cliché, and well, it is, but Through The Discipline redeem themselves quickly through the powerful, aggressive vocals that soon follow. The album, which includes a two-part instrumental track, is fairly unpredictable and devoid of any entirely too "cheesy" metal riffs.

You truly won't know what to expect when you play this record. "Enslaved" will have lovers of gang vocals (which to be honest, I qualify) yelling, "Pure hope drives us," while every 30-something, unkempt metalhead with long hair will have to try his hardest not to play the air guitar to "Scarred, Strangled, Slander" (thankfully, I do not qualify). When you've reached the end of Art Of Survival, you'll probably be physically drained from pounding feverishly on various body parts.

Truly a talented band, Through The Discipline break the barrier of metal and hardcore, in a beautiful -- I mean, brutal way on Art of Survival.

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