Recover - Rodeo And Picasso (Cover Artwork)


Rodeo And Picasso (2001)

Fueled By Ramen

Recover is a band out of Austin Texas. Recover is a good band out of Austin, Texas. Recover is a great band out of Austin, Texas. Recover is the best thing to happen to Austin, Texas since The Impossibles. I love Recover. ALL HAIL RECOVER!!! BOW DOWN BEFORE THEM!!! ACCEPT THEM BEFORE THEY DESTROY YOU!

This is basically the progression of my feelings about Recover in the past couple of months or so. I think the best way to describe their sound is to call them post-hardcore…and leave it at that. They don’t sound like Hot Water Music or Small Brown Bike or other bands associated with post-hardcore, but that’s the closet genre that they fit in. I’d say they’re hardcore with a melodic edge.

“Rodeo and Picasso” is their debut album from Fueled by Ramen. And for their first attempt at an album, it is excellent. It is everything I would expect from these guys. There’s not one song on here that’s not rockin’. Recover has two vocalists: Robert Mann (the screamer), and Dan Keyes (melodic singer). Both styles of singing are combined with such ingenuity and grace that the vocals seem to flow effortlessly with the music. The music is top notch too. Most of the songs are fast and hardcore. There are some exceptions, however. “Sympathetic Sickness” and “Picasso” are somewhat slower songs. There is also a song called “Betting All I Have” which is more of a poppy-sounding song than anything else on the album. I thoroughly enjoyed it too. It reminds me of another great song Recover wrote called “Solutions” (not on the album). It’s a pop song that they never play live. It’s a pity.

All in all, this is a spectacular album. I personally enjoy almost every single song on here. The only two weak songs on here are “Sympathetic Sickness” and “Picasso”, which is mainly in part because they are slower songs and I like their faster stuff. But everything else is about equal in goodness. Look for other releases from these guys soon. Hopefully they’ll release a re-recording of one of my favorite songs, “Not A Word” as soon as possible. THAT is a damn good song. You can download it off of if you get the urge. And if you get a chance to see them live, DO IT! You will not be disappointed. Strobe lights crazy-ass band members doing crazy-ass things = INSANITY. Hehehehehe.

Favorite songs: Elimination, Rodeo, Betting All I Have, Two Minutes Hate, Dialogue From a Film, Pardon The Wait.