The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last (Cover Artwork)

The Locust

Safety Second, Body Last (2005)


Is it okay if I compare the Locust to Mars Volta in this review? Hold up, don't get mad, just read.

The Mars Volta are rock and roll stars who love to rock out, jam at length, and fiddle with ambient noise. On Safety Second, Body Last, the Locust seem to follow that route. Keep in mind that Locust albums are a fraction the length of Mars Volta albums and about 10 times as chimerical. Both bands have a taste for bombast and have their own very devout following.

One of the key similarities, however, is the use of ambient sounds and noise as bridges between tunes. Much of this EP is comprised of ambient noise that slowly builds to a mild crescendo. Honestly, this is not the best material the Locust has ever recorded. Also, this EP does little to set any new direction for the Locust. If you know the Locust, then you know what this sounds like -- over the top, spastic, not-quite-grindcore, sci-fi punk rock. Now, Locust fans, if you're willing to shell out X amount of retail dollars for two Locust tracks, then by all means get this. If you want to get into the Locust, skip this entirely and buy Plague Soundscapes immediately.

That's right, Locust fans -- two (four?) songs, over the course of two tracks. You might question how long this EP actually is (10 minutes) by looking at the track listing, considering that the Locust are known for extremely short songs ("Armless And Overactive/Invented Organs" and "One Decent Leg/Immune System Overtime"). The lyrics are ambiguous and on-spot as always -- "so call it a lifestyle, but it's really a filthy fucking traffic jam in disguise, and you won't say shit even if your mouth is full of it."

For everyone, fans included, this isn't an overly memorable disc, but it definitely serves as an appetizer to whatever the hell these guys are working on now.