Copeland - In Motion (Cover Artwork)


In Motion (2005)

The Militia Group

Whether or not you care for this style of music, there is no denying the talent and creativity that Copeland brings to the music scene.

Beneath Medicine Tree, while containing a few minor flaws, was an absolutely brilliant album. With this new release, Copeland goes a step further and corrects those flaws and creates, in my opinion, the best album released so far in 2005. Lyrically, this is a stronger album, and musically, it is much more mature and innovative.

Aaron's voice has never been more on target. The first track, "No One Really Wins," is a solid rock song that hits you hard right away, preparing the listener for the rest of the album. "Sleep" is my personal favorite. The piano is beautiful, along with the melody. This is Copeland at its best. Aaron showcases his incredible vocal range in "Kite," and there is even an accordion (yes, an accordion) in the song. Other highlights include "Don't Slow Down," "Love Is A Fast Song," and "You Love To Sing," each of which have very catchy choruses and are musically well-written.

I don't like giving out perfect scores, but this one is pretty damn close. Go out and pick this one up, you won't regret it.