Ruin The Ending - Last Letter (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Ruin The Ending

Last Letter (2005)


This one's got skulls 'n roses on the cover, so you know it's gotta be tough as nailz.

But actually, Ruin The Ending is four dudes doing a really killer Thursday impression. And as much as I want to hate it, I can't debate the fact that it is really well-written and produced and executed. Everyone is a competent musician, and the vocals are even in tune. The lyrics, while horrible, aren't over-the-edge cliché. In fact, this EP dealy that we got here sounds professional enough to make this band a Victory Records hit machine. Does that mean it's good? Oh dear God no.

When I say it sounds like Thursday, I mean it's 100% rip-off. Guitar riffs, vocals, drumming style, song's a carbon copy of Full Collapse. And that doesn't say much in my book. I can see no redeeming qualities of a band that makes this style of music. Call it screamo or whatever. There's no positive ideals being enforced. There's no social message. Really, all we have is a bunch of guys whining about being dumped by a girl, which is a moot point since I bet they get tons of groupies chasing them down with dripping underpants. "OMG! They like sound like THURSDAY!"

Now, I just need to say that "Friday," in my opinion, is much better than Thursday. I mean, John Witherspoon alone is worth it. Or Chris Tucker? "'Round heeeeeere, we call this a lil' twenty-twen-tweeennnnn, nigggaaaa!"

I'm sorry. I fell off topic. Anyway, my rant shall go as follows: this type of music does nothing more than to further along the idiotic "emo" attitudes that the "alternative" loser kids have these days. "I'm sooooo sad and lonely. You left me. Waah waaah waaahh." Actually, to tell you the truth, most guys I know that listen to this stuff are the typical jock-type assholes who just want to party and fuck anything that moves. Again, I'm getting away from the issue at hand.

If you like this horrific abomination of a musical genre, then I'm sure you'd love this band.

P.S. I hate people who ruin the ending. I typically ruin their shit.