Ann Beretta - New Union, Old Glory (Cover Artwork)
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Ann Beretta

New Union, Old Glory (2001)


Here, in Richmond, VA (or as the kids like to refer to it as the "RVA") we don't have a lot of things to be proud of. Our town is dirty as shit, no professional sporting teams (except minor league), everyone constantly refers to us as "the capital of the confederacy" and musically we're generally known as being "the city down the road from where Dave Matthews came from". Well, I'm here to dispense at least one of those rumors, our music scene. Everyone in the punk community knows what a fertile ground the RVA has become for up and coming punk bands. Bands like Avail, Strike Anywhere, and my personal favorite, Ann Beretta, all claim RVA as their stomping ground. On their 3rd full length album, "New Union... Old Glory", Ann Beretta shows a more mature, rock-n-rollish style of their brand of rock-out punk. Tracks like 'Straight Shooter', 'Latchkey World' and 'New Union' showcase political, yet non-preachy views that all of us can relate to. All the while, the music is kept in a simple, gritty tempo, that has a melodic touch to it. I think Lookout! has put best by describing the sound as being "straight forward punk rock, combined with rockabilly, a little country and a whole lot of rock-n-roll..." I highly recommend you check out "New Union...Old Glory", or maybe earlier releases like "Bitter Tongues" or "To All Our Fallen Heroes". Go on, take a little slice of the RVA home with you today.