Sleepersetsail - A Foreward (Cover Artwork)


A Foreward (2005)

Sonic Unyon

Sleepersetsail is a band that doesn't rely on a gimmick or a hook. Instead, they are truly unique and monstrously talented. Structurally, they tear the pages out of the manual and rewrite the book. This is a band that creates a 5-and-a-half minute song and doesn't speak a word of vocals until past the 4-minute mark ("People Say it Makes Me Look Younger"), then obliterates a halo of beautiful confusion with emotive lyrics that destroy any hesitation you may have had that this band definitely has it. Talent. Distilled.

Sleepersetsail's EP, A Foreword, provides poignant, earnest rock that tears your consciousness away from whatever task at hand and turns it brightly inward. You'll get lost in "Patterns On Your Dash," as vocals fall away and give way to a prolonged and beautiful instrumental bridge. The song is like a mini-symphony and the EP is a true tour de force.

Look for them on "The O.C." or in Zach Braff's next movie – in the scene where the guy leaves the girl and forges out into a world he doesn't understand, even though he clearly still loves her. This is the music of our lives.

In the immortal words of Oliver Twist: "Please sir, I want some more."