No Address - Time Doesn’t Notice (Cover Artwork)

No Address

Time Doesn’t Notice (2005)


New CDs are tough. Maybe you bought it for that one song that kicks your ass every time you hear it on the radio, maybe you borrowed it off a friend and have never heard it before, or maybe it's the newest release by one of your favourite bands and you're itching to get your hands on it.

Whatever the case, there's always that training period where you listen to it, possibly while reading the liner notes and "get used" to it. After doing this a few times, you can sing along, anticipate the next track, and genuinely "get" the CD. To me, one of the marks of a great band is how painlessly this process takes place. With No Address' Time Doesn't Notice, it's amazingly short. The CD has characteristics of an instant hit, so much so that it's very surprising that Time Doesn't Notice is the band's debut release. The sound is so personalized, refined, and polished. I can't pick a favourite track; they are literally all good, with no skippable, "not quite there" exceptions.

There are elements of grunge in some of the guitar tracks and in the vocals; Phil Moreton has that gritty, sore throat sound (but only in the best possible way). Overall, the CD has a truly likeable, creative, and dynamic sound that does not expire after only a few plays.

In the band's bio, it says they nearly didn't record "When I'm Gone (Sadie)" because they had played it too many times. Whew, what a close call that was. That song rocks my socks. Other highlights include "It's Alright," "Never Coming Back," and "A Step Away."

Comparisons are inevitable. This band sounds like other bands -- good bands. Three Doors Down, Treble Charger, and maybe just a soupcon of scrunge rockers like Jet immediately come to mind. That being said, they add their own particular brand of blusey sexiness to everything they touch.

Excellent lyrics: check. Great delivery: check. Toe-tappablitlity: check. Good recording workmanship: check. Best CD I've heard in a damn long time: check.