The Locust / Daughters / The Chinese Stars - live in Brooklyn (Cover Artwork)

The Locust / Daughters / The Chinese Stars

live in Brooklyn (2005)

live show

So, I've never actually been to Brooklyn, nor the venue known as the North Six, but it seemed like a pretty nice place to chill out by, especially after a long train ride. It had a huge bar and a decently-sized stage, even though there wasn't that much room for the crowd. Luckily, I got into a nice spot with air-conditioning, so I wasn't sweating my ass off like the rest of the crowd.

First band up was Houston McCoy, who I had never heard before. They had no vocals, just bare instruments. They proved themselves to be pretty good, but in my opinion, instrumental bands are really hard to pull off, since you lack vocals/lyrics. Bands like Explosions In The Sky and Pelican can really do it well, but Houston McCoy can't. They would be 10 times better with vocals. They seemed like nice guys though, and nevertheless, the music was pretty hypnotizing, and put me in a trance-like state...luckily, I didn't fall asleep for the next bands, because they kicked some serious ass.

Next was the Chinese Stars, who are pretty much an electro-dance band in the vein of the Faint and Hot Hot Heat, but much less...techno. Anyway, they put on a pretty kick-ass show, especially the singer. The singer, (who originally was in Arab On Radar) had a huge amount of energy and put on one hell of an act. He started making stupid faces, prancing around like a retarded jackass, and at certain points, imitated his guitarist and drummer by swinging his arms around spastically. He also talked in a really high-pitched voice, as if to seem like some kind of shy juvenile child. The band played through about a six-song set and then packed up.

In the next ten minutes everyone began to jizz their pants. Mo'fucking Daughters, fashion-core fuckfaces, blah blah blah. Really entertaining set, although I wish I had more Daughters lyrics memorized, because I swear, the singer must make words up throughout the songs. They must have played at least twelve songs during their set, but they ripped through them really fast. They also played two or three new songs (I'm not sure), but one of them was about spaceships, so...that's pretty rad. (Daughters really should play each song twice, in case someone misses ten seconds of their sixty-second songs). The two guitarists seemed pretty talented, their fingertips running up and down their fret boards in a matter of milliseconds, and sliding their hands down their guitars even quicker. The bassist, however, was complete and utter shit. He basically slid his hand up and down the neck of his bass, while playing a few notes every fifty seconds (which is a long time, for a Daughters song). Please get rid of your bassist; I don't care how good he is at head-banging. Fuck the musicians though; the frontman of Daughters takes the motherfucking cake. I saw him at the beginning of the show when I saw a dude looking like Jesus buying a shitload of drinks up by the bar, and damn, that shit must have got him in a good mood. He pranced about upstage, screaming his lungs out, while salivating all over his chin, then flicking his spit on the innocent bystanders in the crowd. He also made some small talk in between songs...

Some kid asked, "When are we gonna get more hairwhips?!"
The singer responded with, "You'll get it soon enough."
"Why, 'cause Cannibal Corpse said so?"
"Nah, 'cause Daughters says so..."

He was just really badass. He later went down to the crowd and said "I don't see what's so entertaining up there. Not that impressive. You need me up there!" By the end of their set, the dude was caressing his dick and nutsack and whipped it out at the end. That, my friends, was a real fucking rock star. For some reason, everyone left right after Daughters and skipped out on the headliner...the infamous dudes known as the Locust.

The guys walked up on stage immediately after Daughters, dressed in their green "uniforms." The Locust quickly got up on stage and set up lightning-fast, which was a huge surprise considering the amount of equipment they had, including this huge box which made weird noises in between songs that looked like some kind of super-computer. As soon as their shit was ready, they burst into their first song, causing the kids to spazz out and punch each other in the face. Sweet. They didn't talk at all in between songs; they just emitted weird sounds from the super-computer device that sounded like a mixture of moving liquid, spacey noises, and screams. Just when your ear buds finished getting raped, they kicked into the next song, each member yelling inaudible shit. I may not be the hugest fan of the Locust on CD, but I can honestly say these guys know how to put on a show. hugest Then everyone rushed to the merch table to get their Locust belt buckles and weird-shaped seven-inches. The scenesters called it a night and hit up the trains with tired smiles on their faces.