Mae - The Everglow (Cover Artwork)
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The Everglow (2005)

Tooth & Nail

It's pretty hard to take an album seriously when it begins with a soft-spoken woman speaking over a piano, giving directions as if it were a book on tape. "We're So Far Away," The Everglow's first real track, makes me want to write a letter to Mae, suggesting they do a split with Savage Garden (which, y'know, I wouldn't complain about).

The Everglow exhibits distinct vocal maturation and a larger use of pianos, as well as implementing a more cohesive album/artwork combination. Other than that, The Everglow stays true to the format that Destination: Beautiful established for Mae. With around 70,000 album sales, it's probably not a bad idea to not drastically change one's sound.

Bearing a striking similarity to Copeland, Mae will surely charm the ladies with lyrics like "I need you here tonight, just like the ocean needs the waves." (Presumable part for most readers to end browsing the article and go straight to bashing using the word "emo.") To quickly sum The Everglow up, if you're a Mae fan, you'll most likely be pleased with the consistency of their sound.

Upon reaching the end of the CD, you'll be revisited by the soft-spoken woman from the prologue, thanking you for coming on the "journey" with her. Oh, it's just too much.