NOFX - 7 Inch Of The Month Club: February (Cover Artwork)


7 Inch Of The Month Club: February (2005)

Fat Wreck Chords

This is the first 7" vinyl album that NOFX has released out of their 24-song escapade being put out record by record, every month until January 2006. I wasn't sure what to expect out of these guys with this, but after setting the needle down on the fresh, booger-colored wax, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the band that helped get me into punk rock was still rocking as always, and while it's not their best material, the two songs available on this thing are definately worth the $6.50 I essentially paid for them. The sound quality is alright and Fat Mike's voice is a little less stern than usual, but overall it's a good purchase.

Side A features the song "Insulted By Germans...Again," which as most of you know has been a cut for a while (since Pump Up The Valuum) and has probably already been floating around out there somewhere. It's a catchy, bouncy little tune about, well, the band's relations to other countries. The lyrics are remeniscent of "Thank God It's Monday" in that it covers a topic that's only relative to the band and their experiences, but just as the latter, it's still a great hit, kids!

The second song carries the same relevance lyrically, but is faster and more agressive. It's called "Fan Mail" and is a snotty-ass retort to the letters and things the band must get from their fans. The song features that coined NOFX sound and is even graced with the ever-so-trademarked El Hefe guitar solo in the bridge. Also, there's a certain part in the song where they blatantly rip off the gang vocals from 7 Seconds' rendition of "99 Red Balloons." You know, the "WHOA-OH!" part? Yeah, well, I think it's in MxPx's "Punk Rock Show" too, but anyways, it's kinda funny. This one basically reminds me of "Pharmacist's Daughter," which, coincidentally, is also off of Pump Up The Valuum, which leads me to wonder if "Fanmail" was another B-side from that session.

Regardless of from what era they came or from what incomplete songs they sprung, the music is available now and is actually pretty good.