Sinai Beach - Immersed (Cover Artwork)
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Sinai Beach

Immersed (2005)


It would be a sheer impossibility to pinpoint exactly where Sinai Beach goes wrong on their new album, Immersed. Perhaps the incredibly clichéd instrumental track "Apocalypse" contributes to it. The album's next track, "Obedience Through Desecration," would be borderline enjoyable without the wailing, not even melodic vocal interludes. "The God I Would Be" doesn't exactly redeem Sinai Beach, either. Whether by accident or design, Sinai Beach tend to ruin their songs about 2 minutes into it with the vocal alterations.

Listening to the first 3 songs on the album will give you a pretty good idea of what Sinai Beach is all about. And if you don't even want to listen, I'll give you the spoiler: they are not good. Sure, they have breakdowns, aggressive vocals m/, and have toured with Throwdown, but they also, however, have a horrible synth intro to "To The Church." There definitely is a difference between originality and unnecessary obnoxiousness and it's never been made so clear.

For a label who boasts bands such as Hawthorne Heights and Straylight Run, it's not surprising to read something along the lines of "There are no apologies. Only brutality" on Victory's website describing Sinai Beach. And really, after listening to the album, an apology would seem pretty necessary. Danzig- and Pantera-inspired or not, Sinai Beach aren't cutting it. And by "it," I mean managing to be a relatively good Christian metalcore band.

If this is metalcore, I ain't buyin'.

Obedience Through Desecration
Necessary Bloodshed