Eaves - Höhenangst (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Höhenangst (2004)

Yskalnari / Wild-Zero

I'm beginning to think that one of the most unique things a hardcore/metal band can do is not be from typical metalcore-breeding countries. Not only does Eaves qualify as unique under this standard, their lyrics are even in German! That way, even if they are discussing things like the blood leaking from their wrists, unless you're fluent in German, you won't have to read the lyrics in disgust!

Yeah, maybe I'm just trying to justify my enjoyment from yet another metalcore band. Or might Eaves actually transcend the confines that recent metalcore efforts have set? Consider the latter.

Any band who gets compared with (the well missed) Joshua Fit For Battle, sure better measure up. And Eaves does. Their 2004 release, Höhenangst, was a pleasant surprise upon listening, despite the fact that the album begins with, what a shock, an instrumental track. Leaning more towards hardcore, Eaves exhibit sheer brutality (yeah, I said brutality) throughout their first full-length split release on Yskalnari / Wild-Zero Records.

The double bass featured in "Liter Salzwasser" provides a nice touch, rather than a redundant commonality. Using distinct melodic urgency, Eaves' guitar-work really contributes to the intense sound they achieve. And here, at the midpoint of the album, we appropriately reach the pinnacle. "Gestern Ist Nicht Morgen" borrows from not only Joshua Fit For Battle, but also emits a hint of Matt Anderson-esque qualities.

Sure, it would be nice to understand or even have the ability the pronounce the song titles and/or lyrics, but I suppose it adds to the mystery that is Eaves. So, in other words, I guess you could say Eaves tends to bringt den mosh!