Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights (Cover Artwork)

Catch 22

Keasbey Nights (1998)


The New Jersey based Catch 22 has made a great album! It is probably one of my favorite albums of all time actually, being that it has been playing in my stereo for ehh...about, a year? maybe more. It overall is an amazing album, it has amazing bass lines which keep me goin all the time, and awesome tracks like "dear sergio", "giving up, giving in" (which gives a harder vibe.) And my two favorites, "9mm and a Three Piece Suit" as well as "As the Footsteps Die out Forever." The band shows amazing musical talent, something not a lot of "punk" bands show, they obviously know what they're doing, their drummer dazzles me, and their bassist is great, the guitar keeps you jumping and has an energetic vibe, and the horns blast giving you a great sound. It's great to play in your car and jump along to! (Trust me, i've moshed with myself to this one many a time.) It has an energetic punk ska vibe, with amazing horns and great fast guitar riffs, as well as nice slow songs, it also shows amazing lyrical talent in songs like "As the Footsteps Die Out Forever," a song about the death of ones mother to a sickness...The band shows their musical accomplishments in songs like "Riding the Fourth Wave," and "Kristina She Don't Know I Exist."

All in all, I would have to say this is an amazing upon amazing album. If you wanna hear some great punk ska thats fast and true, with good musical talent and a nice beat, you MUST pick this album up! It has a less than jake/skankin pickle/boucing souls/dasboard confessional/almost rancid-ish kinda sound, only it has some hardcore in it, which is really hard to explain.

It's everything you could want. Buy it now!