NOFX - 7 Inch Of The Month Club: March (Cover Artwork)


7 Inch Of The Month Club: March (2005)

Fat Wreck Chords

Round Two

In the blue corner wearing blue trunks with white belt is the one and only "Arming The Proletariat With Potato Guns." Weighing in at two minutes and twenty-four seconds long, this fighter is known for its offensive yet colorful jokes and no real structure at all. Trainer El Hefe brought out the brass in the form of a trumpet for this fight to help layer the sparse guitar and drum work.

In the red corner wearing black trunks with red belt is "I Am Going To Hell For This One, weighing in at 3 minutes and 36 seconds. Musically bearing a strong resemblance to selections from the now-famous fighter, The Decline, the lyrics however are far from the serious manner of The Decline. This fighter will be coming out of the corner with some lo-fi feedback and a bass line a-blazin'. Don't expect the fighter to stick with it very long, however, as halfway through the round the fighter will go back into an extended breakdown and eventually fade out into obscurity.

Round two has definitely been a better fight than round one musically, even if it's just for the fighter in the red corner's resemblance to portions of the acclaimed fighter The Decline, who retired in 2000. The main upside to this contest however is the ability for "I Am Going To Hell For This One's" ability to keep humor involved in this match while taking itself seriously musically.

At the end of the second round there's only one question that begs to be asked. What's a Jewish dilemma?

Free ham1.

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