Heartfelt Discord - Something From Within (Cover Artwork)
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Heartfelt Discord

Something From Within (2005)


If you're looking for a melodic hardcore/punk band with a great deal of potential (an EP and split make up the band's current discography), Heartfelt Discord is for you. The band's five-song EP, Something From Within, released on Scorpion Records, contains an overwhelmingly positive feel. With lyrics like "We will unite. All of our differences. We will unite", it would be pretty hard to convey feelings otherwise.

I'm not so sure where a song sharing the same title as the band fits into the whole scheme, nor do I really know why they'd chant "Heartfelt discord" repeatedly. Seemingly unfit growls occasionally show up throughout the EP, as well as "whoa-ohs" and spoken word.

The EP's final track, "Hopeless Devotion," begins with a sound clip from the ever-popular "Office Space" and closes with a moderately long breakdown, which stops abruptly. While keeping in mind that Something From Within is Heartfelt Discord's first release, I can honestly say that aside from the feelings of potential, I am pretty indifferent to their sound and am interested in seeing how they progress in the future.

Heartfelt Discord