Anti-Flag - Underground Network (Cover Artwork)


Underground Network (2001)

Fat Wreck Chords

Hmm...This one was interesting. The first time I heard it, I can't say that I was a fan. I am a BIG Anti-Flag fan, but this album didn't do it for me as much as their previous releases did. At first listen, I remember saying to myself "Why the hell does track 7 have like, 4 chorus'?!??!?" I was ready to give the album a two and call it endless ramble that went on and on with no point, other than "this nation sucks." But after my second and third listens, I definitely got used to it. I even began to like it. I realized that track 7 only had one chorus and it was a good one. It was another good political CD from the Pittsburgh punx of Anti-Flag. With great guitar and bass as usual, the guys made a good album. They had some great tracks like "This Machine Kills Facists," "Daddy Warbux," and "Until It Happens to You." I must say that I was pretty impressed. The album has a couple of strong tracks, overall, it is pretty good, but its definitely no Die for Your Government, nor is it at the standards of Their System Doesn't Work for You, and no, not A New Kind of Army either, its the worst of their albums, but I still think you should pick it up. Should u have run out and gotten it on the day of its release like some people *cough* ME *cough* did? No. You can wait on this one, but eventually, go out and get it, or atleast give it a listen, it doesn't completely suck...