Blood Or Whiskey - Cashed Out On Culture (Cover Artwork)

Blood Or Whiskey

Cashed Out On Culture (2005)


If Flogging Molly had a street punk edge to their sound, or the Dropkick Murphys incorporated more traditional Irish elements into their music, the result would be Blood Or Whiskey.

On Cashed Out On Culture, these six feisty Dubliners spit out a batch of drunken, sweaty street punk anthems and rollicking social commentaries. In typical street punk fashion the band covers topics such as drinking, working class struggles, unity, drinking, deceased friends, and of course, drinking.

The songs have punk's driving drums, brash delivery, and fist raising sing-a-longs, but you will quickly notice that the most prominent instruments are often banjo, accordion, and tin whistle. The guitars tend to be turned down in the mix so the Irish-sounding melodies can steal the limelight. Still, despite the use of traditional instruments, the whole thing comes off raw and venomous, like classic punk's more angst-ridden moments.

While the album is packed full of honest passion and gang vocal choruses that make you want to raise a pint and sing along like a pub regular, it can get redundant. The band is able to execute a handful of gritty and charming punk numbers in a style that is all their own, but by the end of the album you will feel like you have heard them two or three times.