Mary Timony - Ex Hex (Cover Artwork)

Mary Timony

Ex Hex (2005)


Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. Simple words for a complex album that works like an undertow, dragging the listener into a confusing and beautiful world where words float like spirits and complex melodies make your soul shiver.

Former Helium front-liner Mary Timony returns with Ex Hex, her third solo record. The eleven tracks are built around a foundation of guitar and percussion. The real draw is the strong and smoky qualities of Timony's voice. During the early 1990's she fronted Autoclave, a girl-punk quartet, and her roots are definitely showing. Subject matter matches the vocal delivery on this album; it is intensely personal, and lyrics are reminicent of angry graffitti scrawled in a bar bathroom or in a secret diary.

Every element of this CD is unique and experimental in a good way. The piano and percussion makes "In the Grass" unforgettable and delivery and instrumentation makes "Return to Pirates" quickly addictive. Other standout hits are "9x3" and the aggressive and melodic "Harmony."

Instantly unique yet approachable.