Jimmy Eat World / Taking Back Sunday - live in Oaktown (Cover Artwork)

Jimmy Eat World / Taking Back Sunday

live in Oaktown (2005)

live show

The Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center in Oaktown, California, is an amazing venue of which I had the pleasure of attending for the first co-headling tour I've seen since Blink and Green Day way back when. Just across the street from the Oakland Reservior and directly next to the Museum, one could not ask for a better venue to watch a show, although I could definitely argue OMFUG.

You may call me lame, but I only went to this show for one reason...Taking Back Sunday. Being my second time seeing them, not much new was reavealed about the band except that they clearly like touring with JEW and enjoy the opener, Mates Of State, which I unfortunately missed.

During their set, standout tracks included "You Know How I Do," "You're So Last Summer," and "A Decade Under The Influence." Of course, being a fan of the old material, the newer songs didn't stand out too much; however, the two new songs they played, one of which was entitled "What It's Like To Be A Ghost," were fairly appealing. Adam and crew talked fairly little during the show, but indicated preferences for "Tommy Boy" as well as having beards (Fred's was badass). They closed the set with the appropriate "This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)," at which time I vacated the pit because of delerious fatigue.

Jimmy Eat World's set did not dissappoint, although I was defintely not as pumped for their performance. Not knowing their new material was not as detrimental as I expected, because they played a handful from Bleed American as well as Clarity. Through the course of the set, they stuck fairly close to the new album, including renditions of "Kill," "Sweetness," "Get It Faster," and "For Me This Is Heaven." All in all, they were precise and powerful, but I would like to complain about the excess of pointless chatting from lead singer Jim Adkins; at least holler something political if you have the mic. You probably don't have to wonder, but they closed with "The Middle" -- horrah for MTV.

All in all...good show, but I would only suggest going if you have an intense craving to see one of the bands. Aim low in you expections for the other and you will leave satisfied.