Foundation - Foundation (Cover Artwork)


Foundation (2001)

Fueled By Ramen

Foundation is side project of Robbie Huddleston's Ann Beretta. He was never satisfied with the way that Ann Beretta's all acoustic album turned out. He has built a foundation of a theory of building songwriting from a base and then layering piano, electric guitar, strings, and percussion to create a perfect composition a new direction from Ann Beretta.

Let it be known though, this album for the most part is acoustic based. Fans of Ann Beretta/punk may be thrown back from this recording, because it is vastly different from anything that has been done before.

The first song is a remake of the Ann Beretta song "Better Days". This new acoustic based version is allot more to my liking then the original was. This album as a whole sounds so much like Ann Beretta, only (of course) acoustically sounding wise.

Other songs like "The Skies Won't fall" has a good baseline of piano thrown in which is just a pleasure to listen to. Another song, "Forget Today, Forget Tomorrow" (possibly the best song on here) sounds super sharp with a keyboard tracks in the background. This song is very touching.

The song is "Eye For Eye" is another re make of another Ann Beretta song, which once again is better in my opinion than the original. There is also a good cover of an old Tom Waits song "Old Shoes" . I've read many things of how Robbie was very influenced by him, and Tom Waits is one of the reasons that Robbie started his music career.

I think that this album is just a test saying that a band has no limits when it comes to music. If anything I think that in time this album's messages and themes will influence other people in bands to do the same: explore their musical limits (which is unlimited).