Tiger Army - II: Power of Moonlight (Cover Artwork)

Tiger Army

II: Power of Moonlight (2001)


The Spectacle

Tiger Army II, a good sequel to an even better first album, Power of Moonlite has the same feel as the Self Titled album but a few things are different. Notably, the pace, the first album I found was faster; a more "make you wanna dance it up" vibe, although a few songs defiantly fit that bill, for example "Incorporeal", and "Under Saturns Shadow". The one thing that I noticed right away that disappointed me was the clicking they had in every song. If you're a fan you know what I mean, I’ve never seen them live so I don't know for sure what it is, but you'll hear none of that in this album. Also They follow up the country twang of "Outlaw heart" with " In the Orchard" and they even threw on the song from Punk Fiction "F.T.W". All in all though, a great follow up to a great first release.