Bad Moon Music - Empire (Cover Artwork)

Bad Moon Music

Empire (2004)

Hawthorne Street

While listening to Bad Moon Music's Empire, I was struck with one impression: The band sounds Canadian. Moments later, I put my finger on it. There are elements of the Watchmen (in their earlier, good years) and a Matt Good-like lyricist (for those of you from Canada or who are familiar). The EP contains many echoes of 90's rock, from the lyrics to the guitar lines.

The standout track from the EP is "Empire," which, as the band's site states, has "echoes of the Police," and I agree. "Dirty Words" embodies rhythmic force, which may be a product of Adam Rubenstein (vocalist/guitar) and Charlie Walker's (drums) hardcore past. "Like Anyone," which, like many tracks on the EP, explores relationships, has excellent writing that translates into a mature elegance.

Overall, this CD has a professional feel. The band is comfortable with their material, and play with confidence and practiced polish. Whether that's because they've been at it since the days when this type of music would be most relevant or because they're just talented musicians who know themselves is your call.