The Living End - Roll on (Cover Artwork)

The Living End

Roll on (2001)


One! I was skeptical about buying this album at first; I had heard so much shit that their sound had changed for the worse. Then I heard their song from the warped tour 2001 comp. I said "To Hell With What Everyone Else Says" because this kicks ass! And this is coming from someone who mainly listens to hardcore.

Their sound has changed slightly I will admit, But its a good thing, totally. When I heard the opening track apropriately titled "Roll On" At first I really didn't like it, and its still my least favorite song on the album. The 2nd song "Pictures in the Mirror" completely redeemed this band, for I know they can rock ass. The lead singer/guitarist is one of the best I have ever heard, he does both so so well. The rest of the band is equally as talented, rounding out Scott Owen, who plays the upright bass, and Travis Demsey who plays the drums.

One thing everyone has questions about is where would you classify this band, some say punk, some say rockabilly, and then others just say good rock' n roll. They combine many different elements of music from ska, to reggae, punk, rockabilly, which many bands have tried to do but this band just does it so well.

Anyway, this is one awesome album better than the pretty successful Self-Titled album released a few years ago. I dont care if you say they're not punk (which I have heard a lot here lately) I consider them punk. And it may take a few listens if you new to hearing The Living End. But it will grow on you.