Makeoutmusic - Infidel (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Infidel (2004)


There's no two ways about it: Islamic nations hate us. They cannot stand our country or customs, and would do anything to see the US dissolve completely. My theory on why they feel this way is because people like Paris Hilton are famous. Surely, if our supposed God would allow somebody like Paris Hilton to be famous, then that God must not exist at all. And it is because of people like myself, who subsequently do not believe in God, that raise the ire of these nations, and get the label of "infidels." In short, Paris Hilton is responsible for terrorism. And Makeoutmusic is responsible for the debut full-length Infidel.

Makeoutmusic offer up a gritty, raucous mixture of sloppy punk rock music, complete with old-school hardcore-sounding vocals and gang singalongs. Makeoutmusic's singer is obviously not well versed in vocal technique or presentation, but he comes off just as snobby and arrogant as you might hope for a punk band like this. He goes back and forth between a gritty street punk scowl, or the less impressive normal singing style. The gang vocals, though in short supply, are fun when they actually do make an appearance in a few of the songs. Just as the vocals are nothing exemplary, the music seems to be lacking in places as well.

I'm not expecting to hear Dillinger Escape Plan-type complexity with a band like this, but there were times were I found myself unable to differentiate between the guitar parts from song to song. There are some moments, such as in "Jump Ship," where the guitarists do showcase some really solid clean riffs, but the next song it's back to the basic structure of all the songs before it. That's not to say the album is completely devoid of variety, as there's some ska interludes in a few of the songs, and two six-minute plus songs that break up any monotony that may have existed in the first half of the album, and some real slick basslines to kick a few of the songs off.

I'm really being too critical of this, as it really is a fun record. The political and social overtones of the album's lyrics and the overall enjoyability here will have you singing along in no time. It's not the most fresh or original album you're bound to hear anytime soon, but it's definitely fun for what it's worth, and fans of punk should give it a listen or two.