Novemberkills - Russian Roulette (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Russian Roulette (2005)


The band's name has a month in the title, followed by a violent word -- Novemberkills (ya know guys, the spacebar is the biggest key on the keyboard and you could not find it?!).

They're from Long Island…go figure.

Russian Roulette is the horrendously lame title of their sophomore release.

There's some singing á la A Static Lullaby.

One of the members is screaming (didn't see that one coming).

Of course, overly predictable breakdowns are prevalent.

Not to mention they have better haircuts than you and I, too.

You can never mistake this for any other band.
-- from the press release

Look, if this band cannot take the time to do something unique and/or the slightest bit interesting with an already tired genre, I'm not wasting the keystrokes when I could be playing baseball or eating pizza.