Agent Orange - Living In Darkness (Cover Artwork)

Agent Orange

Living In Darkness (1992)

Posh Boy

Agent Orange was a band that had a very unique sound, and was one of the most influential creative bands to come out of the early Orange County punk scene. They had a combination of surf music and punk that has never truely been repeated. The Offspring does a decent attempt on "Come Out and Play", but they weren't dark enough, musically or lyrically.

This album is actually a reissue of the original 1981 release with 7 extra tracks and an interview added on to it. These tracks only help an already outstanding album. With a combination of personal lyrics about the stuggles of being a punk in the early scene, and of just living life and retaining one's sainity, gripping social political comentary, and instrumental songs that provide the perfect soundtrack to a night's cruising. This album is one that can be left in the cd player and played over and over.

The stand out tracks include "Bloodstains", "Too Young To Die", "Miserlou (theme to Pulp Fiction)", "Last Goodbye", "A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad", and "Living In Darkness".

The music is a very dark driving surf punk that compeals one to listen, while the lyrics draw one into the dark world of Mike Palm. This is a must have for any fan of early punk.