Supagroup - Rules (Cover Artwork)


Rules (2005)


Wow. Supagroup was either too drunk to notice Spinal Tap was a joke or they just didn't care. Either way, they fail to attain Spinal Tap's humorous appeal as this album leads to more cringing than laughing. Rules is like a comedian who steals other comics' routines and then butchers them. Quite simply, it is a batch of rock'n'roll trash.

Everything about this band just epitomizes cock rock. Song titles like "Let's Go (Get Wasted)," "It Takes Balls," and "Hog Wild," along with album art that includes numchucks, skulls, cop cars and explosions should be enough to scare you off, but in case it isn't, let me go on.

Supagroup sounds like they took songs that AC/DC threw away and then let some drunken biker who never finished high school write the lyrics. Maybe lines like "'Cause all you want to do is take your top off / All I want to do is blow the roof off / All you want to do is get your rocks off / All I want to do is rock your socks off," "Tonight you put your big mouth to some good use / Open wide," or "She was one bad mother / One hot sucker / Nobody knows that I totally fucked her," appeal to some wife-beating redneck somewhere, but they just aren't doing much for me.

Rules is a failed attempt at bringing back some "party hard" style rock. Instead, Supagroup comes off like a walking rock cliché packed full of testosterone and misogyny that needs to have its legs broken before it steps back into the studio.