Triple Threat - A New Chapter (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Triple Threat

A New Chapter (2004)


The state of straight edge hardcore in 2005 is fairly vague, especially with the growing number of people who hear of straight edge, then begin listening to Minor Threat immediately and preach their newfound lifestyle incessantly. With Livewire Records' Triple Threat, such an insult to straight edge hardcore isn't suitable in describing their sound and lineage.

Vocalist Tim McMahon seems to be using Triple Threat as his new outlet for the passion and feelings of resentment he withholds towards society and their lack of morality. Through appearing in such bands as Mouthpiece, Face The Enemy, and Hands Tied, McMahon has had plenty of experience doing what he does.

Triple Threat's 2004 EP A New Chapter, barely reaching 10 minutes in length, features at times weak vocals, namely in the album's first non-instrumental track, "Obsession." Although you can sense the passion while reading the lyrics, listening to A New Chapter doesn't relay such feelings as easily. With all of the bands McMahon has been involved in, perhaps it's by comparison that Triple Threat doesn't seem as powerful as they could and/or should be.

I get the feeling that the production of the EP has something to do with its inability to standout as an exceptional hardcore album, yet it's unlikely that that's the only drawback to this release.