Swank - Think For Yourself Movement (Cover Artwork)


Think For Yourself Movement (1999)

Fueled By Ramen

Original. I could stop there, but I'll elaborate a little more.

I bought this cd at the FBR warped tour booth in a 3 cd for 5$ deal! This cd is worth way more than that. The guy at the booth told me they sounded like Rocket From the Crypt, but I bought it anyway. It took me a few days to get to it, but boy was I in for a treat.

Swank hails from Harrisonburg, VA, and their music is stifleingly different from anything I've heard. There is definite punk quality, but they throw in horns(no not ska), metalish riffs at times, and even a hint of emo(curse that word). To top that off, they have a few slow jazzy parts, and even a swing part or two!Both styles fit perfectly in the songs they are used in. Very cool, very different bass lines, which along with the horns, are the stand out to Swank's music. The lyrics are just as original and odd as the music, but they are well written and send an excellent message. See "Tooth and Nail" for an example.

At first, I thought Swank sounded remarkably like a Fugazi with horns, but the more I listened, the more their originality shined through. This cd can rock out, cool you down, and confuse you all at the same time. I highly recomend Swank to anyone who wants to hear something they haven't heard yet.