The Movielife - This Time Next Year (Cover Artwork)

The Movielife

This Time Next Year (2001)


This is surely one of the best releases of 2000. This album is so good and rockin', you would be just totally ridiculous not to pick this up and see exactly what I'm talking about.

If you wanted to put these guys in today's terms, I'd describe them as New Found Glory with a harder edge times 10. The Movielife are superb with mixing punk and melodic hardcore. Many of the songs have definite Jawbreaker influences in them and it shows big time. The riffs are echoed along with the vocal perfections that Jawbreaker was known for.

This album was recorded with Brian McTernan (Cave In, Snapcase, In My Eyes, Reach The Sky). The sound is excellent throughout the entire c.d. Brian has expressed that he loved working with the band on this album and that the Movielife is an up and coming band which will be huge one day. I agree. The hype for these guys is huge, and only continues to grow day by day. This band is more deserving than anyone.

"I Hope You Die Soon" (first track) rips you right open and smacks you into the album. This short song is full of anger and spite, the kind of song thats an excellent opener. This whole album is just pure fun to listen to. One can tell that The Movielife loves making and playing music.

Many songs are melodic packed. "10 Seconds To Late", "Self Destruct", "Another Friend", and "Deal With It" are all great examples of the Movielife's delivery through songs. The best part of the Movielife is their presentation, they deliver the true punch that very few bands can do these days.

Its very hard to label them because they touch upon every aspect. While at times they can sound like the latter days of Jawbreaker, they can also come out sounding like post hardcore rockers, 7 Seconds. I can tell that The Movielife has a wide range of influences.

Lets just sum it up this way: you are very silly if you don't go and pick this up. I could never see why anyone would dislike "This Time Next Year" and the Movielife. Congrats go out to the band for being inventive. This time next year everyone will know about this band, why don't you make sure you're one of the first to hop on their bandwagon? Recommended big time.