Stutterfly - And We Are Bled of Color (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


And We Are Bled of Color (2005)


Upon growing up, how many times have we heard the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover?" The tiny idiom is quite a powerful one, especially for the push of a more open minded society…

That album cover is not fooling anybody, though.

I knew little about Stutterfly before I received And We Are Bled of Color in the mail, so like any respectable journalist I did my research. I read a handful of interviews and reviews about the band and each one details how the group perfectly mixes "emo and anger."

Since I have never heard of such an analogy, I eagerly wedged the album into my iBook. iTunes loaded up and all I heard was a continuous thump, over, and over, and over, and over again. It took me until track nine to figure out that the sound was that of an Andy Van Slyke-autographed Louisville Slugger pummeling the corpse of a noble steed that has long passed.

And We Are Bled Of Color is the major label attempt to cash in on a trend that is fading in the underground just like the all black uniform the members of Stutterfly dawn. Hackneyed song titles, singing, screaming, unsurprising metal guitar riffs – repeat – trade-in.