At The Drive-In - In/Casino/Out (Cover Artwork)

At The Drive-In

In/Casino/Out (1998)


Well, Since Relationship of Command came out last year, At the Drive-In has been one of the hottest bands in music to some...even after their hiatus which lead to their breakup earlier in the year, I figured I would review a record by this band not known to many...But what I consider their best effort to date.

I feel this record has much more emotion and the band is more together. Virtually unheard of in 1998, This was the record to raise many eyebrows of the public....I first heard this in late 1999 when the band was starting to get more and more exposure. Even though they had at least 5 or 6 records, 7 inches and eps out at the time, This is the record I chose to buy.

I was utterly amazed when I heard The opening to "alpha centauri" to be serious my jaw kinda hit the floor. I had heard nothing like this before...especially on fearless records..which at the time were known for mostly pop punk records. The 4th and My favorite track on this record is the fucking awesome "napoleon solo". The song has so much emotion and you can tell a lot was just put into this one song. The entire record is just hard to put into words......Thats why I'm having trouble with this review.

This record quickly worked its way on to my top 10 list....after you hear this I think you will know. I dont exactly know how you would classify this band, but fuck labels....This record speaks for itself. If you bought 2000's relationship of command I recommend you give this record a try. I think it will become #1 on your fave ATDI list. also check out "acrobatic tenement" "vaya" ep, all their split records and other material you can find.

"were struck by the chords from their hearts, this is forever, this is forever, from the texas breath exhaled no sign of know that this is forever."