Memories Of Apocalypse - Bleeding Through The Past (Cover Artwork)
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Memories Of Apocalypse

Bleeding Through The Past (2004)

Still Life

Alright, so let's consider what we have here. Band's name? Memories Of Apocalypse. Band's album cover? Undistinguishable figure missing eyes and holding a snake. This just might be enough to turn someone completely off from listening to the band, especially since said qualities often accompany metalcore albums. Well, if you inferred Memories Of Apocalypse' Bleeding Through The Past is a metalcore album, you'd be correct. If you guessed it would have, at times, melodic vocal interludes, you'd be right. If you figured that this is just another metalcore band who won't go anywhere, here is where you're mistaken.

Already having played with bands Undying and Walls Of Jericho, Memories Of Apocalypse have made a name for themselves in Italy and are quite ready to do the same here in the good ole US of A.

This five-song EP, riddled with intros, outros and interludes, is packed with aggressive vocals and massive breakdowns inspired by the likes of Converge and 7 Angels 7 Plagues. Dueling vocals aid in differentiating MOA from other metalcore acts around. Whether overlapping, such as in the track "Unfaithful Servant," or separately attacking the listener, the chaotic vocals make Bleeding Through The Past a very worthwhile listen, not to mention the metallic undertones it encompasses (think: Darkest Hour).

If this is a good representation of Italian metalcore, keep it coming.