getAmped - Tyrannosaurus (Cover Artwork)


Tyrannosaurus (2005)


Tyrannosaurus is a short and sub-par release and so, I present you with a short and sub-par review.

GetAmped are some sort of rock three-piece from the U.K., and Tyrannosaurus is a two-song single. The first track, "Tyrannosaurus," is a typical, "I heard punk was selling so I'll throw in some of those elements" track that recalls bands like Bowling For Soup or Riddlin' Kids. There is some pop-punk palm muting and even a shout of "Go!" to open the song, but the over-produced and horrible take on Fat Mike's nasally tone and the song's overall "made in the studio" feel leaves it pretty, but lifeless, like a corpse that was prepared by the best funeral home in town. The second track "Plug Me In" sounds like an exercise to create a nü-metal song that results in a painful aping of Papa Roach that disappoints on every level.

Yeah, the production is crystal clear, but other than that, there isn't much worth hearing here.