Weezer - Pinkerton (Cover Artwork)


Pinkerton (1996)


This is Weezer's second, and less "commercially" successful, follow-up to their self-titled (a.k.a Blue Album) 1994 release. Personally, I think that the corporate b.s. put out by the media, about how this album was a flop greatly under estimates the content on the album. This is far different from The Blue Album, and the new Green Album, but still a brilliant album. The songs on this album are not as radio-friendly as they are on their other 2 albums, so if you are expecting the same weezer as on those albums, you might be a bit surprised.This album is way darker, and deeper than any of Weezer's other cds. It's sound is heavier, and the guitars seem somewhat out of tune, adding to the dark and confused tone of the album. The best songs on this album are "Tired of Sex" and "The Good Life." Describing the songs is probably as complicated as the songs themselves. Other highlights include "Butterfly," a beautiful acoustic number, and "El Scorcho" the single off the album. Altogether I think this is one of the best albums in the emo/indie genre. Any fan of Weezer or emo should get this cd. This album is very unique and unlike any other cd I've heard.