Silver Scooter - Blue Law (Cover Artwork)

Silver Scooter

Blue Law (2001)


I'm sorry, this is nowhere near a punk rock CD. If you exclusively listen to fast, loud, angry music, click the "back" button on the browser. Fast.

For the rest of you, you're in for a treat. Silver Scooter's newest, The Blue Law is the climax of what low-fi indie rock has been trying to do the past decade. It's the culmination of Superchunk's "Come Pick Me Up," Promise Ring's "Boys Girls," and angst ridden lyrics about leaving your home that rival the screenplay of 1996's SubUrbia. There's obvious influence by psuedo-emo group, Jimmy Eat World as well as upbeat tempo's taken from Smoking Popes.

If taken at surface value, it would seem The Blue Law only robs the creative appeal of the high points in 90's indie rock albums and bastardized them to their own disc. I wish I could tell you that they are completely original and although contain elements from other bands, sound different and groundbreaking.

I'm can't say that, my friends.

I can tell you that on that disc, however, are the 13 catchiest pop songs that have been released this year. With wannabee littering the indie scene (i.e. The new Alkaline Trio, Get Up Kids, HWM, and like acts), this sounds refreshing compared to current releases out there. It's worth it by far. It's worth it because when you don't have the patience for Frodus or 12 Hour Turn, and the girl you're trying to impress is tired of those stupid Dashboard Confessional and Hey Mercedes songs, Silver Scooter is the healthy alternative to those bands and with no feeling of guilt attatched.