The Living End - It's For Your Own Good (Cover Artwork)

The Living End

It's For Your Own Good (1996)


Well, this is one of the finest EP's I've ever heard.

I bought this EP back in Australia when The Living End was a local band, I was pretty amazed. The cover is fine, not so good art and the CD case is a little one. I think that this EP now is being selled with Hellbound in a 2 CD case (Hellbound is not as good as It's For your own good).

The album begins with a awesome track, From here on in is probably the most amazing Living End song I've ever heard. When I first listened to it I was in love with this band. Talented guitar riffs and pretty nice voice combine with an excellent drumming and fine bass lines. It's unbelieveble that three guys can play this good. English Army, the next song is probably the song I enjoy the least in this EP but it's good. After this song you can find a mini-hit, One more Cell. It's an amazing song, great bass lines and very catchy.

After this one two more amazing songs come: Stay away from me and problem, to really cool songs. The last song of the EP is a Cure's cover, 10:15 Saturday Night is probably the best cover I've ever heard, it's amazing, well done and in my opinion much better than the original one.

This EP is worth your money, go and buy it now, it's a must have. Probably you'll have to buy Hellbound to get this EP but it's worth it.I don't know what kind of punk this band play but it's awesome and SO tallented. If you haven't heard this band buy this EP and then the Roll On album which is amazing too.