Saves the Day - I'm Sorry, I'm Leaving (Cover Artwork)

Saves the Day

I'm Sorry, I'm Leaving (1999)

Immigrant Sun

Well, I guess you have to either be a fan of acoustic music or a big Saves the Day fan. If you only like Saves the Days full length albums then chances are you wont enjoy this. This EP has 5 songs (6 if you get the 7" version) all of which are acoustic including a cover of Modern English's "I Melt With You".

All of these songs are amazingly well written but my favourite is "The Way His Collar Falls" which unfortunately is only available on the 7" version of this EP which is very tricky to get your hand on, so if you see it, grab it! On the CD version i guess i would have to say my favourite song would be "Take Our Cars Now!" becuase it is very catchy.

Overall I think that this is a great EP because of the talent that went into it. And really, to respect it fully, i think you have to be a guitarist like myself because you will know that making these songs with all of the little riffs that make them up isn't the easiest thing to do. But if you're not a fan of acoustic stuff then dont waste your money and time with this.