Snake Eyes - Demo 2005 (Cover Artwork)
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Snake Eyes

Demo 2005 (2005)


You know there has to be some gimmick when a hardcore band releases their first demo and within the first week of its availability, over 700 were distributed. Or the fact that the demo actually is of good quality. Snake Eyes' gimmick is pretty cut and dry. The band features ex-members of Terror and Carry On, as well as current members of Internal Affairs.

And for fans of hardcore, that very fact speaks volumes. The demo's quality is unmatched. The instrumentals are brutal. And the vocals are passionate and intense. And the lyrics? Oh, the lyrics speak for themselves; "I know your face, you're all the same / You play the role, I never played the game / You have the look, a blank stare / You have the style, but your heart is not there." Not the most original words ever spoken, yet still sufficient enough for a solid hardcore release.

While the demo is less than 10 minutes in length, it's hard-hitting and will definitely have you looking forward to Snake Eyes' full release due out in late 2005. With sounds echoing a more powerful, serious Madball, Snake Eyes has a great future ahead of them if they continue in the path they've created.

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