Kids Like Us - Outta Control (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Kids Like Us

Outta Control (2005)


While Kids Like Us' press release boasts a conglomeration of hardcore, punk, thrash, and Southern rock, their latest Eulogy release Outta Control seems to be a bit more straightforward, raw hardcore. It's not overproduced, it's not riddled with cheesy breakdowns; it's just downright intense. And that's the way hardcore should be.

The CD opens with the title track, featuring a slightly corny metal riff and is followed by "Box Of Buttholes," an angry song about dealing with shit, particularly change and though the song references "picking it up," they aren't talking about the monetary kind. Outta Control, while having 13 tracks, is only 20 minutes long and is full of the word "fuck" and even an occasional grunt.

Two of the most standout tracks on Outta Control remain "Skate Hate," which opens with sounds from an anonymous video game (oh man, is this NINTENDOCORE?) and "Gator Smash," the album's last track which closes with more Southern rock than a "yankee" can handle.

With such a solid release, Kids Like Us have pretty much secured themselves as an up and coming hardcore band in 2005, especially through doing extensive touring with label-mates Donnybrook and the Warriors.