The Forgotten - Keep the Corpses Quiet (Cover Artwork)

The Forgotten

Keep the Corpses Quiet (2000)


I plopped this beast into my cd player expecting to hear some old school safety pin, razor blade, painted leather jacket punk as fuck punk rock and thats just what I got. What else do you expect with a name like that? The Forgotten play old school street punk that might remind you of GBH, Blitz, The Exploited, Rancid, or The Boils. I know there are a lot of bands out there playing this style these days, but The Forgotten have a few secret weapons that make them exciting, especially their guitarist. The guy is fucking killer and pulls out these mean rock and roll solos. He is currently touring with Lars Fredrickson And The Bastards.

This record kind of gives you that feeling that the new Rancid cd does, its really raw and punk but also very polished and well produced(not as polished and produced as Rancid 2000, however). If you like old school punk with pissed off punk rock lyrics, then you will definetly like, "Keep The Corpses Quite". Great cover art, too.